Rent a TR60 Rig

The TR60 drill rig is ideal for demanding jobs that require serious power. Despite having a rotary torque of 66,000 ft.-lbs., it weighs in at less than 77,500 pounds and can be transported on a standard 5-axle truck without the need for special permitting or a lead car. Available with rubber or steel track pads and round locking or square bars.

TR60 LoDril Excavator Attachment

What is the TR60 best for?

  • Challenging Drilling Applications
  • Foundation Drilling
  • Power Line and Utility Foundations
  • Battered and Raked Holes
  • Rock Drilling


Using the TR60 produces significant savings in terms of both cost and time, as there is no need for disassembly to move it across a site. Even the most difficult terrain is no match—the TR60 is suitable for work on uneven terrain, as well as inside buildings and under bridges and other overhead obstacles.

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