Rent a TR25 Supershort Rig

Designed for easy transport on standard 5-axle trucks, with a gross vehicle weight of 45,500 pounds, the TR25 Supershort is one of the most flexible and convenient drills anywhere. With no torque converter, no transmission, and a fully integrated Kelly winch, the TR25 Supershort is easy to operate and produces consistent, predictable results.  On a Komatsu PC138 USLC-11 Chassis, this drill rig is only 8ft 2in wide.

TR25 Drill Rig

What is the TR25 Supershort best for?

  • Challenging Drilling Applications
  • Foundation Drilling
  • Power Line and Utility Foundations
  • Battered and Raked Holes
  • Rock Drilling
  • Snow Pushing


The TR25 Supershort’s small size and weight doesn’t mean its lacking in power—it can generate up to 25,000 foot-pounds of torque, drilling holes up to 60 inches in diameter, to a maximum depth of 30 feet. With a 42" crowd stroke and 32ft standard square Kelly bar length, the TR25 Supershort can get places where other rigs can't. Get the drilling power you need anywhere on the jobsite, without time-intensive disassembly and transport. With a footprint a fraction of the size of most drilling systems, the TR25’s ability to go anywhere on a site is unparalleled.

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