Rent a TR95 Quick Dock Drill Rig

The TR95 has been reconfigured for cost effective transportation rates with the addition of our exclusive Quick Dock attachment. Now you have all the power and torque of the traditional TR95 in a much more transportable package. See details below for more information.

TR95 Drill Rig Excavator Attachment

What is the TR95 Quick Dock best for?

  • Challenging Drilling Applications
  • Foundation Drilling
  • Power Line and Utility Foundations
  • Battered and Raked Holes
  • Rock Drilling


 Get the drilling power you need anywhere on the jobsite, without time-intensive disassembly and difficult logistics.  The addition of the Quick Dock allows for transport on a 5-axle with a support load, much more affordable and attainable than a 9-axle truck.


 The TR95 Quick Dock allows for safe and swift disconnect. All oil and electrical is within the coupler, eliminating the need for manual coupling. The operator can now drop the attachment from the cab of their machine with the touch of a button.

TR95 Drill Rig Excavator Attachment


          Carrier Weight: 79,000 lbs | Attachment Weight: 20,100lbs
Total Weight: 99,100 lbs

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