Rent a TR40 Rig

Designed for easy transport on standard 5-axle trucks, with a gross vehicle weight of 50,000 pounds, the TR40 is one of the most flexible and convenient drills anywhere. The TR40 is easy to operate and produces consistent, predictable results.  On a Komatsu PC170LC-11 Chassis, this drill rig is only 8ft 6in wide. Available with rubber or track pads and round locking bars or square.


What is the TR40 best for?

  • Challenging Drilling Applications
  • Foundation Drilling
  • Power Line and Utility Foundations
  • Battered and Raked Holes 
  • Rock Drilling


The TR40’s small size and weight doesn’t mean its lacking in power—it can generate up to 43,000 foot-pounds of torque, drilling holes up to 84 inches in diameter, to a maximum depth of 80 feet. Get the drilling power you need anywhere on the jobsite, without time-intensive disassembly and transport. With a footprint a fraction of the size of most drilling systems, the TR40’s ability to go anywhere on a site is unparalleled.

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